Export 1P to Bitwarden


Did anyone found the best export method, pif vs csv common fields / all fields with/out column labels, in order to gather all data from 1P including Folders and Tags?



According to this article, looks like you can choose the format that you desire.


Hi. Thanks for your response but I already read all the FAQ.

Finally I tried 5 setups and found out that only 2 were in fact working.

However some important data were missing:

  • all attachments. Very annoying when you attach file like email certificates to your logins.
  • all 2FA passwords, which is not acceptable. There is no way that I go again into the process for each login.
  • secure notes

Not sure that Bitwarden will be of any help to leave 1Password.

I suggest you complain to 1Password. A lot of the problems are with the way they export their vaults (e.g., attachments), and there is not much that Bitwarden can do about this, unfortunately. But I certainly understand the frustration!

In fact, I just send the support an email about it.

Indeed, they should improve their software and the import process. A great way to get all 1P customers.

Like Signal and Telegram did to get WhatsApp users. Signal for instance really improve their application with many new functionalities.

Let’s wait and see. At the present time, Bitwarden

For what it’s worth, as soon as 1Password announced its subscription-only model for 1Password 8 I moved everything from 1Password to Bitwarden (not purely because of the subscription model but partly because of what I felt about the way standalone licences had been treated over the years).

I used the .pif format for the import into Bitwarden. In my experience there’s a lot of manual tidying up needed in Bitwarden after import (and I certainly don’t blame Bitwarden for that—and most logins did work immediately in Bitwarden) but the effort is well worthwhile.


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Sure the effort will be worth but I still have 889 entries in 1P… Can’t check all of them to make it clean. Otherwise I can just input all data manually into bitwarden.

We have been going at this topic for a while now… the robust import of 1Password data to Bitwarden.

There are threads here, and here. There are other threads on the topic if you search for them.

We’ve had one reply from a Bitwarden developer that I’ve seen to date suggesting that there is work being done or that it will be done at some point in the future. No timeframe offered yet that I’ve seen.


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Maybe this topic could help you, too. :wink:

I don’t know if it still works because my topic is more than 1 year old. :slight_smile: