Exclude items for filling in browser - how do you solve this problem?

I transferred all from 1Password to Bitwarden.
All items I did not use anymore (but wanted to keep), were in a special folder/vault/archive. Filling e.g. in a browser these old items were never offered.
In Bitwarden I see no way to exclude items for filling in a browser.
How do you solve this problem?
I guess this question has been asked several times, but I could not find it in the forum here (also as a Feature Request). If this is the case, sorry for bringing this topic again …

There is no elegant solution, currently, although you might want to add your support by voting for this feature request to create an “Archive” folder that never autofills.

Otherwise, there are a couple of things you can do:

First, there is an autofill setting that you can assign for each item in your vault. Set this to Do Not Autofill to ensure that certain items will never autofill (but they will still appear in the list of suggested credentials if you have a matching URI).

Second, if you don’t even want the item to match when you visit a URL/URI, remove all URIs from the item in Bitwarden and add them to the Notes section instead - this way they will never match the URI, and hence will never be suggested by Bitwarden when you visit the site, but you can still search manually for the item.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you, @dh024, for the answer! I will check it.
And, oh, I already voted for this feature! :-).

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Phuu, yes, it is a solution but not very practicable. Have to edit each item …
For the moment I hope to see this feature on the roadmap 2022! Well, there is hope …