Exclude entry from Security Checks

I have some entries, where the password is a PIN (only 4 digits), like

  • PIN for bank accounts
  • PIN for online video services (Amazon Prime Video)
  • PIN for my TV (children protection)

These entries are reported in the security reports, but here only 4 digits are allowed!

I also have entries where I have stored an unsafe password that I can not change, like:

  • password of the website of my karate teacher (his account, I only change content)
  • password of the email service of my karate teacher (his account, I only answer the mails)
  • email account of my brother (have this password to log in when he has again some problems)

These entries do not belong to me, so I can not forced them to use a safer password (of cause I try to do but no chance).

So a checkbox “Exclude from Security Checks” when editing an entry would really be helpful!