Exception message: The operation was canceled

I was not able to add new logins from bitwarden app on Android and decided to reinstall it ;(

Now after reinstall, I cannot login…

Error popup I get (looks like timeout) is - “Exception message: The operation was canceled.”

Any help is appreciated ?

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Hello @Ran_Davidovitz , Welcome to Bitwarden community forums !

From your question , i think the timeout message refers to the “captcha session”. This has happened with me too earlier because i was using a browser which was blocking the captcha session due to some ad-blocking features implemented in it.
One-way i fixed this was by setting another browser as “default” for the time it authenticates your captcha and then you can revert back to your original browser later.
Hope it helps :+1:

Weird but without wifi it works .

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If that’s the case, then there is something interfering on your home network. You might try the following:

  • ensure that you are not operating over a VPN (VPN services are often the first IPs to be blacklisted, and Bitwarden is picky about security for obvious reasons)
  • reboot your router
  • disable IPv6 on the router
  • change your DNS settings on the device or route to a trustworthy provider, like Cloudflare, Cisco, or Google

I hope one of those works!

I will check but be please aware that this is the only app making me problems , and I guess for others ?

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Thanks for the wifi only hint. I had the same issue, and only with BW, on StarLink. I switched to another router and it worked.

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I had the same issue on Starlink. Any idea why Starlink specifically ?