Error messages when trying to login from safari ios 10

I’m getting a error message when trying to login through safari iOS 10 on an iPad with the webpage. The error message says ‘Bad algorithm name’. I also tested it on Firefox iOS and brave browser all the same error message.

On iOS 11 and 12 no problems also no problems on macOS and windows. So I guess it’s related to iOS 10.

Any idea how to fix this?

Should be fixed in next web vault version.

Thanks, looking forward to the next release

@Bob Can you give it a try now with web vault version 2.3.0?

@kspearrin I’m still on 2.2.0 with self hosting. I don’t see any update?

2.3.0 wont be available for self hosted instances for a few days.

okay will try it when is available. Will keep you posted when I have updated and tested

@Bob Another user we were in contact with via email says that our fix didn’t solve the problem for him. Would you happen to have a few moments to help me debug this in our dev chatroom so that I can try to figure out what the issue is? Unfortunately I do not have a Safari 10 device to test with, so you’re my only hope for now :slight_smile:

Sure I would love to help when ever I can. But I must say I’m not a Developer So you have to be patient with me to understand what I must do for you :wink:

So Let me know what I can do for you to fix this bug.

If you stop by the dev chatroom and ping me I can have you test some things: