Enhance Attachment Upload in Desktop App

In the Desktop App, we’re missing following features (premium enterprise):

  • Multiple Document Upload at once (allow to select multiple files in the attachment selection dialog - and handle this in the backend)
  • Drag & Drop Upload by dragging files into the Editing-View (when an entry is in editing mode)

Both should be quite easy implementable (as we built this in one of our own electron apps).

(This is not about uploading “Folders”; this is not about downloading Attachments.)


  • Much smoother workflow using the desktop app (we have many files to handle), and currently we can’t even drop the file in the attachment selection dialog.

Hey @hauser thanks for the feedback!

It looks like those features requests are covered by the following, but let me know:

I’ll close this one for now, but feel free to let me know if you have any other comments.