Encrypted storage of pictures


I am faced with a choice between bitwarden and enpass. The only feature I like about enpass is that you can store pictures in encrypted form there.
This is very convenient for storing scanned copies of documents.

Please tell me, is it possible that the function of storing pictures in encrypted form will appear in bitwarden?
What database does bitwarden use? SQLite?

I have quite a few encrypted images stored in my BW vault. I created a secure notes folder and then I enter an item for the things I want to store. Quickly store images as attachments to those item definitions. e.g. driver’s licenses for family, TOTP codes, jpegs, etc… Easy to keep them all there and its 100% encrypted to BW standards!

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Thanks for your reply. How did you add pictures?

Pictures can be added as attachments:



Just be aware that secure viewing doesn’t work yet. The attachments need to be downloaded to the device to view which in many cases can lead to security issues if you are not careful with iCloud sync, Photo backup services, or not deleting them securely from your system.

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