Encrypt an export on iOS / iPadOS


I was waiting for the encrypted export, but this feature turned out to be totally useless (see here). As the encrypted export need to be imported in the exact same vault, it can’t be used as a backup.

So, I have to change my plan and encrypt an normal export (json or csv), but I’m not confortable exporting such sensitive datas without encryption (in clear).

I have several questions :

  • I want to do this on iOS / iPasOS. Even if I do a normal export directly in the app used to encrypt, will there be a trace of my vault in clear somewhere on the device ?

  • Which app is the best to encrypt my unencrypted json or csv file ?
    I’d like an app with strong encryption (of course), whose encrypted file is universal (I mean, if tomorrow the app disappear, I will be able to decrypt my backup file anyway, from a simple mac or windows finder for example), and free is possible.

Thank you for your help !