Emergency access



I think that this feature would be an awesome addition to BitWarden!


I honestly don’t trust emergency access features for password managers. At one point the encryption key needs to be shared to someone else. Sure, there can be a delay before the other person can get access, but the simple fact is that somewhere in their vault is the encryption key and that is all you need to decrypt the other persons vault.

I could see this being exploited in the future - just hack the person with the weakest security to get to the other person.

Nothing beats a simple piece of paper with directions on what to do locked in a safe or safety deposit box.


Emergency access is a huge security hole. If Bitwarden does this, I’m outta here. It is so easy to export your passwords and put the file in a place where your executor (or whoever) has access. Please, please, please DON’T do this “emergency access” thing; it is an open invitation to thieves. Count this as a “no” vote.


A safe and secure way to cede access of your account to another in the event of a death or incapacitating emergency is a must these days.
I have a workaround using Yubikeys, Bitwarden and other means that would allow a trusted friend access to certain critical accounts in such an event. The Yubikeys are held by another trusted friend.
But a built-in mechanism would be much better.


Recent convert from Lastpass. I see emergency access in some form as a feature I need. If something were to happen to me it would create a huge cluster for my heirs with no access to many, many important accounts. I do respect the security concerns. So if an elegant solution was implemented, I’m all for that.


I’m waiting for that feature to move from LastPass to BitWarden.


Agreed. Please implement an emergency access feature! As a solo developer with health problems, I need the security of knowing that my trusted colleague (another solo) will be able to take care of my clients if I kick the bucket or become incapacitated.

At moment I’m using both LastPass and Bitwarden. I love Bitwarden and have for premium account. Bitwarden’s cheap and worth it even if I go back to LastPass. This is just about the only thing keeping me from committing 100% to Bitwarden.


This is the one remaining feature I need to switch from LastPass. LastPass has been getting worse over time and I would move in a heartbeat if this was available.


Any updates on this request? Would really like this feature!


Agreed. I think this hopefully could use the foundation built for the team/family sharing, but just with some timed tweaks?


+1 me too want
thank you!