Emergency Access – View or Takeover access?

Is the choice between View access or Takeover access for Emergency Access an ”either-or” option, or is it more two levels of access?

Ie, if I grant a grantee Takeover rights, does he have to set a new master password for the accessed account (since that’s the way of gaining access) or can he choose to just view (even if he has takeover rights)?

Thinking that it might be useful if I for some reason lose access to my own account, that the grantee can help me set a new password – but that in other cases of emergency, just being able to view passwords might be enough?

Got a bit confused by the wording on the support page: ”Select the option from the dropdown that corresponds with your assigned access:” – sound that there might be a choice (if Takeover rights are set)?

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With Takeover the emergency contact can change your master password.

With View they can only see what’s in your vault.

Once selected they can only be changed by you and not the other person.

In my eyes Takeover is for the people who forget their master password often and View is for everything else. The perfect middle ground is to use View and keep a copy of your master password in your vault.

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:+1: Good idea, thanks.

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And, just a note, you can have the same emergency contact listed for both View and Takeover options, so they can pick how deeply they need to get into your Vault.


Ah, that’s great – then the level of access needed can be chosen when accessing.

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Is it possible to set different waiting time spans for view and takeover?

Welcome, @Jan29!

When adding an emergency contact, you can specify the type of access (view, takeover) as well as the timeline :+1: