Emergency Access Revocation

For argument’s sake, I have two sons, Harry and William. I have granted son Harry Emergency Access and he has accepted. Everything is fine. But then I change my mind for familial reasons, and wish to revoke Harry’s access. Is he notified by the Bitwarden app when I do so? Or is he silently removed and would only discover that upon logging into his own account and reviewing his access?

More broadly, when rejecting an access request or permanently revoking access - is the Grantee notified of such actions. I could discover this on my own by setting up a free “burner” account, grant access to it, revoke access, etc. But I thought I would ask here first. W

Hi @Waterford,

I just tested this as I wasn’t sure. I didn’t get any notifications when I removed a confirmed Emergency Access user, even after approving their access request (tested both). It is worth noting, though, that emails are sent when Emergency Access is initiated (to the current owner), approved (to the emergency contact) or rejected (to the emergency contact).

So it seems Harry would be none the wiser in this scenario, unless he checked his Account SettingsEmergency Access page.

Hope that helps.