Emergency Access Question


I read through the help topic on it and maybe I missed it but say this happens. You give someone emergency access, the amount of days pass and they can now “view” your vault.

  1. Is there a expiration time after they are granted access?
  2. If there is no expiration time, after the emergency would I have to go back and revoke it?
  3. Are they able to “view” attached documents in my account?
  1. No, just a minimum wait period.
  2. Yes, you would need to go to your list of emergency contacts and revoke their access.
  3. Currently the “view” access option doesn’t allow attachment downloads, but that is an issue we are resolving. So, yes, they will be able to. The takeover option gives complete access to the Bitwarden account.

Thanks for answering my questions.

  1. So I guess I would need to reovke their access and then re-add them against to kick off the whole process.

  2. cool, I was actually thinking about this and I think actually sharing of the file is what I really would need which is also supported in the preimum package so I think I am good!