Emergency Access question - access to my vault without access to my 2FA?

If I have 2FA set up on my account and I designate someone as an emergency contact (grantee), could my grantee access my vault if they do not have access to my second factor?


From Emergency Access | Bitwarden Help & Support

Takeover: When an emergency access request is granted, this user can create a Master Password for permanent read/write access to your Vault (this will replace your previous Master Password). Takeover disables any Two-step Login Methods enabled for the account.

Also to note, they won’t need 2FA for “view only”.

Thank you for the response. The reason I asked is the language you quoted refers to takeover access but does not refer to view only access, therefore I could not determine whether a grantee with “view only” access would need access to my 2FA. The way it is written, it can be interpreted to apply to takeover access only and it implies that someone with view only access would need access to my 2FA.