Emergency access permissions

Can trusted emergency contact on premium account view all vaults and add items? Or do I need to set up an organization? Will this level of participation allow my husband and I to share one account and all passwords?

There are two possible configurations for emergency access: View (emergency contact can view all vault items in read-only mode) or Take-Over (emergency contact sets a new Master Password, which automatically replaces the existing Master Password disables 2FA; the emergency contact now becomes the new owner of the vault and has both read and write permissions — exactly as they do on their own vault). I don’t think either of these options will be suitable for your use-case.

The Terms of Service do not permit a single account to be used by more than one person, but I am aware that there are Bitwarden users who do this, anyway. :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

The option that is best suited for you is indeed to set up an Organization, and then place all of your shared passwords in a “Collection”.