Eliminate "Log in with master password" when requiring SSO

It would be much less confusing for my users if the “Log in with master password” button wasn’t displayed.

We have SSO required via policy so they can’t login with a password anyway. Since the authentication screen displaying the “log in” button already knows who the user is, it seems like this would be a good default. Obviously, there would need to be a backdoor or additional link somewhere to allow logon via password since “Organization owners and admins are exempt from this policy’s enforcement.”

Thanks for your consideration!

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Number 1 problem we see when users sign in for the first time with SSO. We have very clear documentation with pictures and videos. Most people get it right but it is still the most common ticket we get about bitwarden.

+1 for this, having the master password sign in option when trying to force SSO is very confusing for my users. The option should be available for admins, but users should only have the option of SSO.

Same here, we enforce sso but everyone uses the master password login. i have to send every user that we enroll a manual because it is not clear for them. We require sso and a masterpassword for extra security. So in our case the master password button should only be visible after being signed in by SSO.