Efficency in opening new page from Firefox extension

Feature name (?)

  • Efficiency in flow/opening existing logins from vault

Feature function

opens new login page faster (with fewer clicks and less mouse movement)

So let me first say that i use Firefox (on a mac and PC) and I come from having used 1Password for 10 years.

I find the process of opening up an existing login from my vault to be more cumbersome than it was with 1Password. I am proposing that bitwarden consider a similar approach.

With 1P you click on the icon, move to FAVORITES, it opens a dropdown single line list of items in your favorites folder and you click on the item. A new page opens, fills in the login and you are in your account.

As i understand it (and i am new to bitwarden), you have to click on the icon, drop down to the bottom of the popup and click on your vault, then scroll to the login you want (8 are shown, vs 20 or more with 1P) and click on it, page opens and fills the login credentials but does not hit enter (may be some advantage to this but i am not sure what), and you are now in. Takes more time in my experience. Much smoother and faster with 1Password. About twice as fast with 1P.

my 2 cents, love the app in many other ways. frederick