Editing in the extension is very slow

When trying to edit an existing entry in the extension, it’s very slow. Big lag in Chrome, Safari or Brave. The extension open just fine, I can find the item just fine, I can click on edit just fine but when I go to edit with in that item, there is a big lag between clicking where I want to edit and ability to see the cursor and eventually being edit to type. This is mostly in the notes area and if trying to see the hidden CC security info

I do not see this in the browsers on my Windows 10 system.

Hi @slorres, we have an open bug report for a similar issue here: Chrome extension not displaying text as I type · Issue #1854 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub. It would help if you can post in that thread with information about your OS, browser, etc. and any other browser extensions you might be using.

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I’m on a Mac. so not sure if it’s isolated to Macs only or not.