Easy one - bitwarden.sh version check

Can the bitwarden.sh script be modified to perform the version check the /admin interface does? e.g.


Server Installed 1.34.0
Server Latest 1.34.0
Web Installed 2.14.0
Web Latest 2.14.0

Our operational procedures require weekly checks on updates for this type of software, so it would greatly simplify the process if a cron job or sysadmin just had to run ./bitwarden.sh version to spit that info out rather than log into the admin. We can’t just run updateself and update because we need to change control the upgrades, but also need positive confirmation of the running version, can’t just ‘know’ it was X last week and check the website for new versions.

When implementing this version check, please return 1 if version is behind latest. Return 0 if no need to upgrade.