Easier Autofill

When using on a computer to select a password in BitWarden takes a right Click, a click, and then another click, and then pressing login. (See Photo)

Is there a way to make this similar to other applications like Dashlane or Nordpass, where next to the Username/Password theirs a icon that you click, and that brings up the saved passwords and usernames for that website. You can also keep the Right Click for websites that for some reason the username/password field don’t automatically get located.

I would definitely prefer that kind of interface. I would say that clicking the extension icon, then clicking from the list is slightly quicker than the right click method.

But that kind of drop-down would be greatly welcome.

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So i just started using bitwarden yesterday. My only small gripe is pretty much no autofill interface. I’ve used both lastpass & 1password in the past and both have great autofill interfaces. I also like how lastpass will autofill with whatever login you mark as your favorite.

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The problem I have with the right click method, is because I have a 16k DPI mouse, the slightest movement sends the curser flying across the screen, so trying to do back and forth movements to select my login on websites where the login is in the far upper corners of the screen cause some issues.

Though I have noticed that you can select the bitwarden plugin and select from there which is quicker, but having an icon imbedded in the login bar would make this much easier.

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Why don’t you use the keyboard shortcuts instead of a rightclick? :thinking:

In my case I have a Enterprise license of Bitwarden and the users in my company are very noobs, they will not even notice when there is a password available for some websites (asking them to remember and to use keyboard shortcuts is totally impossible).
This is a feature that many other passwords manager have and this would be really awesome if Bitwarden could implement it.


That’s a very good point. So it would be great to add such icons as optional. :+1:

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Looks similar to Overlay popup interface ?


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the keyboard shortcut. I went into Edge For Business options and changed it to ctrl-alt-f (get it, f for fill) and use it constantly! It’s so much better than using the mouse.

Highly recommend.

Yes, that’s similar. :thumbsup:

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I sent an email to the support asking for it just some days after I swiched from Lastpass to (great) BirWarden.
Thx friends!

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This feature would be a godsend. Has anyone from Bitwarden confirm if they are working on a feature like this or not?

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Please comment/vote here: Overlay popup interface