Easier access to websites in Chrome extension

I have to click too many times to log in to websites in my vault. I first need to click the Bitwarden icon in Chrome, then click My Valut, and finally click one of the favorites websites to go to it.

The Bitium Chrome extension is much better. It shows the list of websites as the very first thing. You click it and it logs you in.

It should be just as fast and easy to use the Bitwarden Chrome extension.

You could just search when the extension opens. You don’t need to click My Vault

Thank you for your reply Kyle!

The point is was trying to make is that the current design requires more clicking and typing compared to the competition, like Bitium. It’s less convenient.

In Bitium I just:

  1. Click the Bitium extension icon
  2. Scroll down to the website item I want to log in to
  3. Click the website item to go there and log in.

I’ve attached a screenshot of their interface.