Duplicate removal tool/report (including merge)

This is must have feature. Specially if you are migrating from other password managers

My easy work around for this was to export my vault as a .csv file, open in Google Sheets / MS Excel, then using sorting identify records I wanted to delete or merge.

FWIW :slight_smile:

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Add duplicate login/entries remover. This will help ward off having duplicate(the same username/password combination) login for a website.

Add duplicate login/entries remover, please. I just imported LastPass and Google, so there are a lot of dups. Thanks, everyone!

@go12 @kspearrin Hey Bitwarden! It looks like this feature has been requested since 2018 by hundred of users, along with probably thousands who do not take the time to waste on these feature requests (I can understand if such a major issue like this one has not been addressed since 2018).

Has this feature been rejected by dev? Can we get any feedback? I pay for Bitwarden and things like this make me consider other options… Communicate… communicate… communicate!!


Thanks for your feedback @bcsanford. Bitwarden and the team behind it are growing and evolving, and although this feature is not currently on our high-level 2022 Roadmap, we do consider all feedback.

Implementing new features in Bitwarden is a balancing act between serving our individual users and families, teams and enterprise, and MSPs. We have implemented many suggestions over the years and will continue to do so wherever possible.

Bitwarden is also open source and built with the help of community code contributions.

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I also am upvoting this. A de-dupe tool is pretty common with BitWarden’s competitors. Seems strange not to have it.

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wow im gonna to try that too thanks for the idea

i really hope this feature will done please

I guess we start looking for a different alternative. 4 years in, and no sign of this even being put in the pipeline.

Hey @bogusfocused if you’re still interested, you can follow the steps below and the team can review your proposal :+1:

I suggest you create a post under the GitHub Contributions category explaining the goal of your changes (with possibly an example case) and also open a PR in the Bitwarden Web Vault repo . The team and community members can discuss if this feature should be included. If that is the case, the team can review the PR before merging.

Wow, this has been asked for a long time, coming to bitwarden I really expected this to be available and easy. Dissapointing.

Am coming from 1password, for many good reasons… but, I was thinking that dedup was a trivial features and I didnt verify…
Now… I have a lot… too much duplicates
So I NEED this remove duplicate

Please, please, please dont let me go away…
+1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1
(for all my family)

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Как удалить около 1000 дублированных паролей?

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New in Bitwarden since I left 1Password…
I didnt realize when I take my ‘Family Organization’ that ‘remove deduplicate’ was not a features… (a trivial one imho)
So, now, am really disappointed… I have a lot, I have too much duplicates entries.
May you consider this feature as a basic one to develop in Bitwarden.
Thank you.

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Coming from Enpass I really miss an audit section (remove or curate duplicates amongst others).
I really don’t understand why such a tool isn’t pushed forward on the roadmap.

Also the fact that android-uri’s are not put together with the regular logins, and left alone without proper “Name” makes that a huge number duplications of the same logins exist in the vault.

I used to have a neat database, since using Bitwarden it has become a sloppy mess.


Feature name

  • Choice to ‘remove duplicates’ when importing CSV or JSON

Feature function

As per experience and this FAQ, any import of login/identity that would be a duplication will just result in more than one entry. My use case requires relatively frequent updating of identities within Bitwarden, and painstakingly deleting the old identities first will be time-consuming.

It would preferable if the import screen had the opportunity to “Remove Duplicates” somewhere:

Related topics + references

  • Probably would also be a utility that was available in “Tools” to automagically remove duplicates from the Vault that occured from webpage additions, etc.

Thank you for your post!

Feature name

  • Enter the name/concept of the feature being requested
    Duplicate data eraser

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently? Will make it easier to delete duplicate data
  • What benefits will this feature bring? Makes use convenient and adds to user satisfaction
  • Remember to add a tag for each client application that will be affected

Related topics + references

  • Are there any related topics that may help explain the need and function of this feature?
  • Are there any references to this feature or function on other platforms that may be helpful?

Importing passwords and years of use have created multiple duplicate entries in my vault. When I log into a website and see two or three choices in BitWarden and they turn out to be identical, it is an unnecessary time-sink. It would be nice if there was a one-click option to delete entries that are identical from my vault.

This is about the best you can hope for aside from the requested built-in feature. About 20 lines of python with no dependencies, and some instructions to use a ram disk (instructions for Windows wanted). Only things I can think that would make it better is if:

(a) It worked with the exported encrypted vault rather than the exported unencrypted vault. Not currently possible because some salt (I guess) causes duplicates to map to distinct cipher texts.
(b) It never had more than one of your unencrypted secrets in memory. I don’t see how to do that without writing it in a lower-level language. For me this would be overkill.

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