Duplicate glossary entries and missing translation in CSV

This issue has already been addressed via Crowdin:

There are duplicate items and terms in the glossary, probably caused by the separate glossary csv in the desktop project. Some as a separate term within an existing item, others as a separate item. Although these terms have already been translated via the terms sidebar before, they appear in the glossary as untranslated, which other users confuse with new strings and then translate them again. Probably this causes duplicates.
How should this be handled? Also, the strings are synced very delayed with the csv.

Hey @kennymc.c I’m locking the glossary and will now use the forum to accept entries and revisions, and will remove extraneous content.


New glossary terms should then be translated via the glossary csv in the desktop project?

Yes, I’m just cleaning up the doc now, stay tuned :+1:

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@kennymc.c yes, thanks for your patience while things are being shuffled around, the new experience should provide a streamlined approach and reduce clutter.

I’ll also be adding screenshots to glossary items where relevant.