Duplicate but invalid entries

I am having issues with iOS Autofill function. It is showing duplicate entries when selecting a login but in Bitwarden vault it is showing single entry. And one of the duplicate entries have wrong password.

Here are my screenshots

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Yes. I had the same problem too some days ago. But I can’t remember the website. But there were 2 logins presented for auto fill but in the vault there was only 1 login. I changed the password for that entry some more days ago and I think that this was the “problem”.

May be someone else got the same problem? :confused:

I am also having the same problem not sure if someone has looked upon this issue.

Try out if a manualy initiated sync on all devices solves this issue.

Did that but still no luck. What i found is it is showing deleted as well as old password to appear as duplicate entries

I am having issues nearly same issue again. For example greenmangaming.com. I see in Bitwarden correct email as username but it fills the field with old email, which doesn’t exist anywhere in Bitwarden.

I am having this same issue. Duplicates are NOT present in Bitwarden, but show up in search on iOS.

Update to my old topic.

I just got my phone, and installed Bitwarden 2.13.0 (929) on it. In the app all is okay but when I try to use autofill in apps or websites, it shows duplicate entries on everything.