Duo Push not working

This morning when I try to log in to bitwarden, my Push never arrives in Duo. It was working before. I can use the Call me to log in as a workaround, but wondered if anyone else is experiencing this.

Have you perhaps recently used the Duo “restore” feature?


I recently had a similar situation, where work MDM created a “work-profile” on my android phone. Giving me two separate versions of the Duo app on my phone.
This secondary Duo app took over the accounts and restored them, causing the original “personal” Duo to lose Duo push.

According to Duo support

Restoring or reactivating any “Duo-Protected” and “Duo Admin” accounts on the new device deactivates those accounts on the old device.

May be the case, or get you down the correct rabbit hole to figure out the issue.

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Thanks, Kent. I did recently upgrade my cell phone and my account was not yet activated. I reactivated Duo on my phone and the push is working again.