Duo Mobile

Good day,

Last year I got with Bitwarden Premium the app Duo Mobile installed. I also got there the Push notification from Duo Mobile when I log in on Bitwarden itself.

I have after a few months removed the applications in Duo Mobile because I switch to using Bitwarden itself for using the two-step login. I also have removed Duo Mobile from my IPhone.

I have use this setup for a few months. I saw several times on internet that it is unsafe to have everything in the same app. Therefore I have installed the Duo Mobile app again. I have reinstalled the apps what I got before in Duo Mobile except Bitwarden.

The issue now is that I don’t see an option to add Bitwarden again to Duo Mobile. I have an Admin account with Duo and added Bitwarden as application there.

Unfortunately I don’t see the option to have the QR code to add Bitwarden to Duo Mobile again and get the Push notification.

Who can help with this

Someone suggested this tip to me what works. Just in case it happen again for another Bitwarden user.

If you can login into admin panel, you need to remove your phone and add it again. There is option where you see your currently connected phone. After removing it and add the new one, a new qr barcode is created.