Double Auto-fil pop up

When I go to a login saved in Bitwarden on my Android 11 phone (Galaxy S10) or my Android 10 tablet (Galaxy s5e) I get a double Auto Fill popup. I get the normal one “Auto-fil with Bitwarden” with the little Bitwarden logo to the left of it.Additionally, right above, I get a second Autofill pop up line with the Web site I am going to and the username below it. The logo to the left is the gray world map that Bitwarden uses as a generic logo when no others are available. This only occurs on my Android devices, my PC is normal.
It still works when I click the lower autofill request but it’s annoying to see 2.
Is it possible to upload a screenshot to show the situation ??

I’m having issues logining in on a Samsung Tab S7+

I put my credentials in, and it says, invalid username and password.

It works fine on IOS and Desktop PC but not android

When I click on the pop up it takes me to BitWarden so I can continue. It all works fine, it’s just the double pop up that’s annoying. clicking either on works fine.