Don't understand the difference between BW online and On Premise

Hi there,

I use the premium version of BW as self hosted version ([email protected]).
So I do not use BW online but my local version with the related (Premium) license file.

What I don’t get: Why there are differences between the online and the local premium version?
Both versions are on 2.14.0. When opening “Organization” the online version I get several options to choose a Plan. So I can have a free plan for testing or personal users to share with 1 other user.

On my local (on premise) version with the same license there is no such option. The only option I get is providing another license file for organizations.

Is that indented / why is there a difference between self-hosted and online version?

Any help or clarification is appreciated.


The self hosted instance is limited to just your seat, since you are just a premium user. If you had a family plan or enterprise - you can use it to share with those folks, but the free org is only available on the cloud.

You can create an unlimited number of free user accounts and you can upgrade any of those individual users with a Premium Membership license.

A Premium Membership applies to individual user accounts but is unrelated to an Organization or sharing.

In order to create an Organization for sharing, you will need to first sign up for an Organization plan online, download a license file, and then upload it to your self-hosted server.

Self-hosting an Organization is only available with a Families or Enterprise Organization subscription.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the detailed answer. I was aware on the org “how to”, but the question was more on the “why”.

However, I understand this is how it is. And I got the confirmation, that this is not an installation / configuration issue on my side…