Don't spend so much space telling me there aren't any credentials for a website

First, let me show respect to the developers. The app is good, fast, reliable and all that. Now let me be sassy a bit.

Now, second, I searched for and found a request that I found way too general that said “Make better use of Bitwarden screen space”. I agree and if I can add a “subrequest” to that, I’d say add an option like in Gmail to use the app in settings like “Comfort”, “Normal” and “Compact”.

Anyway, straight to my much more specific request. I think there doesn’t have a reason to use so much space to say there aren’t any credentials for the active tab. The icon already shows whether there are credentials (even if you disable the number of credentials, it either becomes blue or stays gray and that’s absolutely intuitive even for a child). Having recognized that, if I’m reaching over to the Bitwarden button anyways, I probably want to use some of my favorite saved identities/cards/notes, which are now harder to reach because 30% of the space is whitespace (or with some text I’m going to presume is telling me I don’t have credentials for that site, I don’t know, I never read it).

I’d be thankful if that changed.

Best regards,
Victor Souza