Don't show site password without master password

I want to use AutoFill with a web browser add-on to quickly log in to a website. But I don’t want anyone else who has access to my computer to see passwords to websites … When someone comes to my computer and opens a website, such as facebook, they can click on the bitwarden add-on and view the password for that site. When I lock the bitwarden, then the autofill feature doesn’t work.

Don’t display website passwords without a master password!

Are you asking to prevent viewing in Bitwarden (similar request here), or prevent display in the website’s password field?

In Bitwarden. Yes, this request is similar and is 3 years old.
I think this can be understood as a security vulnerability.

Why should someone be able to access your browser? If you are afraid of this you should lock your computer every time you leave it unattended.

Not really a solution, but how about this workaround?