Don't allow permanent deletion. Archive it!


Teams/Enterprise user with regular edit permission shouldn’t be allowed to delete an entry permanently.

Feature function

There are many ways to achieve the above end goal

  1. Move it to Archive collection which only admin has access to.
  2. Add permission to prevent moving to trash but only allow edits. Since previous passwords are always available

Drawbacks of various workarounds

Set users permission as ReadOnly

  • This severely restricts users from editing an existing entry. Instead they have to contact admin over insecure means so that the admin can update the password.

Trash Feature Workaround

  • User with Edit permissions can empty the Trash
  • Trash itself empties after 30days! automatically.

Export as Backup workaround

  • The whole purpose of BitWarden is so that we don’t have to manage sensitive credentials, backups just punt the problem back to the user.

Related topics + references


This is related to this feature request: Archive old accounts

Why we do not have a “Policy” for Enterprise users that will disable “Permanent delete” for regular users or together for everyone apart of Admins?

This security issue, combined with no auto cloud backup, allows normal users to be nasty and erase permanently everything in the collection. Why this is still not being addressed?

We diffidently need a policy added to the enterprise setup, which will give admins the ability to disable the permanent delete from trash.
Crossing my fingers that it is part of the 2023 roadmap - can see they have “Expanded enterprise policies” in development.
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