Domin rules, custom entries

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Hey there,

just figured out the domain rules feature, but I’m not totally sure how to use it.

I would suspect if I create a new entry and save it, it would show up in a list below the form. But they don’t. How to I add multiple entries? Are they per line?

Right now I have something like this but it mixes all the entries and doesn’t seem to work.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

To add domains to the list, you will need to separate all the items by using a commas. Like this,,

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yeah that’s what I understand. But what then? I click save and the form stays that way. How do I add more entries? I would expect to show the entry in the list under ‘global’ or personal or somewhere else, but thats not the case.
If I’ll add more (like in the screenshot) it mixes them all together!

Hope you understand what I’m trying to say…

Edit: Oh, I got it, you can add more ‘forms’ with the + button, I feel stupid. But to be honest, it’s some weird ux choice. Thanks anyway.

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Yeah, but so what? You click Save and nothing changes. The domains you thought you were adding are not added to the list below, and equivalence is not created.

Strange - works just fine for me.

@dh024, I think here is your clue:

I now realize that Bitwarden’s poor user interface on this page led me to think that after I clicked “Save” that the form would be cleared (or disappear) and the equivalent domains would be listed elsewhere on the page, like every other form on the internet and even on the Domain Rules page itself in the Global Equivalent Domains section. (I actually expected the newly entered domains to be listed in the Global Equivalent Domains section.)

But OK, I think I understand how the interface works now, but I still did not see the equivalence when I browsed to a newly entered domain. What must I do (close all browser windows, etc.) or how long must I wait until new Custom Equivalent Domains propagate to other installations of Bitwarden?

Easy mistake to make. And I think all you have to do is sync your vault and the changes should propagate to all your other devices after they have synced, also.

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