Does TOTP autofill?


A quick question. If the auto fill on page load is enabled in the web extension, does that also fill the TOTP code for apps that have it enabled? The answer will decide if i will nuy the premium plan to add the TOTP codes to BitWarden

Currently if you use autofill on page load, it will fill the username + password, but does not perform TOTP copying - where you simply paste your TOTP code into the field, however that is coming soon.

Today, if you use a hotkey (CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+L), it will fill your username/password and then copy your code to the clipboard to paste into the TOTP field.

Mobile apps will also copy your code to your clipboard for pasting easily.


I see I see.

Then we’ll see when auto fill comes to TOTP. Meanwhile I’ll subscribe to the premium plan to help the little that I can!


This feature is already asked.
To have the possibility to put the name of the TOTP field so that the code is auto-filled.
Waiting for this me too.

@tgreer But if you have multiple accounts for a domain then sometimes it will copy the incorrect TOTP. For example, if you have multiple gmail/google accounts and then autofill the username/pass then it may take another TOTP from one of the other records from the same domain and copy it to the clipboard. I have seen it happen over and over. I sure hope that is fixed before autofilling is implemented.