Does Bitwarden support multiple accounts (Private vs Work)?

I could not find this feature anywhere mentioned and assume it does not exist? I am using Bitwarden (self-hosted via Vaultwarden) and would like to know if there is a way to have Bitwarden support multiple accounts - i.e. would it be possible to have:

  • Bitwarden Mac Client install with config for private vault (self-hosted)
  • Brave Browser with Extension pointing to self-hosted
  • Chrome Browser (only used for work) and with Extension pointing to work-server

I have no intention sharing credentials between Private and Work. Ideally I want Bitwarden native apps (Mac and iOS) to only use my self-hosted server and the Chrome-Browser only pointing to the company URL. Is this possible? Can I have multiple browser extensions, pointing to different servers without interfering with the local app install?


Hi @magicdude4eva!

We have this feature coming out towards the end of the year:


Hi @tgreer ,

Is this timeline still on? Meaning, we’ll be able to login to multiple bitwarden accounts on the client apps by the end of this year?


The first app to get it will be Desktop, then Mobile, which I believe desktop is on-pace for EOY and Mobile soon afterwards.

[Edit - desktop may be closer to early Q1, lots of moving parts :sunglasses:]

Anything new on this? I could really use this option too. :slight_smile:

Seems to be on track - it is the very first item on the Bitwarden Roadmap:

This appears to be officially rolled out with the most recent release!

Please see more here


Well would you look at that! It doesn’t seem to be available on the App Store for Macs yet, but it is working on the Windows desktop app. That’s great - thanks for the head’s up Kent!

Hello all,

about “Account Switching”, is connection setting (Self-hosted Server URL) a common/system setting or could you configure specific “server URL” for each account?
In other world can you manage more accounts on multiple servers?


Hello, I run several self-hosted instances internally and for testing.
You can connect SaaS cloud accounts without setting a URL. When needing to connect a new account with a self-hosted server, simply add the server URL as described and login to your account.

This setting seems to hold when needing to add additional accounts past this, and can be changed again if needing to connect accounts with additional self-hosted URLs. The drop-down for account switching seems to specify which accounts are on a self-hosted URL.

Hi Kent,

thanks for confirmation and explanation.


Hello everyone,

We invite you to test multiple account support in our latest mobile beta:

iOS (via TestFlight): Join the Bitwarden Password Manager beta - TestFlight - Apple

Android is available via the beta signup button on the Bitwarden page in the Google Play store on your device.

Let us know what you think!


We’ve also introduced the beta forum category for use when providing beta feedback.

Account switching is great! Need a way to use password auto fill on iOS with multiple accounts within the auto fill workflow. Currently the last used database is the selected account, requiring launching Bitwarden and switching accounts in order to use auto fill with a different account.

This looks great. Do you have a timeline to add this feature to the browser extensions?

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Thanks for checking in! We don’t have an exact ETA at this moment but it’s coming :+1:


any news for the browser extension multi account feature?