Document scanner feature

Feature name

Document scanner feature

Feature Function

Convert images of documents like bills, certificates, etc to PDF files. The PDF file should also be optimized so that it can be read properly.


Images of bills, documents, etc are large when captured directly from the camera or imported from the gallery. PDF files take less space.

Images converted using a document scanner are more easy to read. It is also easy to print the documents.

No need to depend on an external app.

Related topics + references

  • Are there any references to this feature or function on other platforms that may be helpful?

. Cam scanner, Microsoft office mobile, one drive, etc have this feature

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“Document Management Software” is a whole different type of software. You can’t really bundle those 2 software solutions together and expect that you get the benefit of both without major drawbacks :confused:

I have to agree that this as a strictly separate function of Bitwarden would be a lot to ask. Perhaps handling the upload/viewing of attachments would fulfill most of this request?

thanks @mhombach and @tgreer for the reply. I thought this would be a really great feature as most users store important documents as attachments.
Anyway, can you close this topic?