Do not open the list of items when using Inline Autofill

When using Inline Autofill on Android 11, the first thing you see on the keyboard is the option to unlock the vault. So you click on “Vault is locked”, enter your password or use biometrics.

But then, instead of closing the Bitwarden window, it shows a list of items. I think this is unnecessary, as it is better to see the list of items on the keyboard, as it is when you press the “back” button after unlocking.
Otherwise, the only thing Inline Autofill is used for is to unlock the vault.

So the user experience will look like this:

  1. Open app with authorization.
  2. Click on password field to see “Vault is locked” button on keyboard. (then, Bitwarden app will open)
  3. Unlock with biometrics/PIN/password. (then, Bitwarden app will be closed)
  4. Choose login you need directly on keyboard.