Distinguishing similar-named websites

I have accounts at two libraries. the web sites are xxx.bibliocommons.com and yyy. bibliocommons.com

I have separate entries for them in the vault but the auto-fill often picks the wrong one. Can i do something to distinguish them?

Hi @bill2009 and welcome to the community,

If the websites share the same base domain, aka. bibliocommons.com and the first portion, aka the subdomain xxx.bibliocommons.com & yyy.bibliocommons.com, of each has different beginning you will want to check the match detection for each logins, and make sure you have the correct URI associated with each.

Typically the Host or Starts with options are a good fit for differing logins like these.

The answer from @cksapp is correct, but let me expand on it:

The behaviors you are seeing are occurring because you are using the default settings for URI Match Detection. The default detection method is Base Domain, which means that any of your stored login credentials for xxx.bibliocommons.com or yyy.bibliocommons.com will “match” (i.e., be auto-fillable) on any webpage on the bibliocommons.com domain.

To fix this, change the match detection option by editing the login item in your vault and clicking on the gear icon (:gear:) next to the stored URL, which displays a drop-down menu of match detection option. Change the setting from Default to Host for your both of your BiblioCommons login items, and save.

P.S. @cksapp - using the Starts With option may fail if the stored URI does not specify the protocol (https://, etc.).

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that’s great - worked perfectly


Thanks - good explanation