Display warning when password autofill is longer than input maxlength

Opening this since the GitHub issue was closed a few years ago, and this still appears to be a problem.


Example situation:

  1. Generate a 30-char password with Bitwarden, and copy it
  2. Paste the password into a “create password” input field with maxlength=“20”
  3. The browser silently truncates to 20 characters upon paste
  4. Save the site in Bitwarden


  1. Visit the login page, whose password input field is again maxlength=“20”
  2. Auto-fill with Bitwarden
  3. The password field now has 30 characters in it…
  4. Submit
  5. Login fails, user has no idea why

Feature function

Display a warning if auto-filling a password on a web page, which has <input maxlength="…">, and the auto-filled password is longer than that length.

Preferably, also respect the maxlength attribute when filling the field.

I second this request. And I note that this problem need not recur if Bitwarden remembered the specific generator settings used for each site.

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This is important. My bank login has multiple “password” fields, one is the actual password and the other is a set of 6 digits, of which only 2 are active at a time.
Bitwarden mistakenly fills the password into all of them, overflowing the digit boxes despite me having already entered the correct values there. I’ve experienced this on a couple of different bank logins.

The result is:

The page URL is: Online Banking Login - Tesco Bank

Snippet of source code:

  <fieldset><span id="verifySecurityNumber-error" class="form__error" style="">Please enter no more than 1 characters.</span>
        <legend class="form__label">Security number</legend>
        <p>Please enter the <span class=" bold">5th</span> and <span class=" bold">6th</span> digits</p>    
    <div class="form__item">
    (...digits 1...3 truncated)
    <div class="form__item">
        <label class="form__label fade-half" for="DIGIT4"><span class="screen-reader-only">digit</span>4
        <div class="form__control">
          <input type="password" inputmode="numeric" pattern="[0-9]" name="DIGIT4" id="DIGIT4" class="form__input" maxlength="1" disabled="disabled" aria-describedby="verifySecurityNumber-error">
      </div><div class="form__item">
        <label class="form__label" for="DIGIT5"><span class="screen-reader-only">digit</span>5
        <div class="form__control">
          <input type="password" inputmode="numeric" pattern="[0-9]" name="DIGIT5" id="DIGIT5" class="form__input form__highlight-error" maxlength="1" aria-invalid="true" aria-describedby="verifySecurityNumber-error" data-com.bitwarden.browser.user-edited="yes">
      </div><div class="form__item">
        <label class="form__label" for="DIGIT6"><span class="screen-reader-only">digit</span>6
                <label class="form__label" for="PASSWORD">Password</label>
                <div class="form__control">
                  <input type="password" maxlength="64" id="PASSWORD" class="form__input" data-rule-required="true" data-rule-minlength="7" aria-describedby="PASSWORD-error" aria-invalid="false" data-com.bitwarden.browser.user-edited="yes">
              <span id="PASSWORD-error" class="form__error" style="display: none;"></span>