Display warning of compromised or weak passwords when I login on a website

Feature name

  • As a user, when I’m about to login on a website, I see a warning that my password is compromised, weak or reused, so that I know my password needs to be changed on this website

Feature function

  • When I’m about to login on a website and I open the BW browser extension or mobile app, I would see a warning :warning: icon
  • When looking at the details of this id in BW, it would tell me that this password is weak or reused or was breached
  • Basically, the intent is to bring the valuable information of BW reports into a place that is very visible: when I’m about to login.
  • The BW reports are super valuable, but I need to remember to check them manually. I would like something more in my face! :wink:

Related topics + references

  • Similar to the warning that Firefox displays when a password has been breached