Dismissing the " Autofill with Bitwarden" prompt

(Have also sent this to Bitwarden support…)

Anyone have the issue, where, at the moment, if you are trying to complete a login, the bitwarden prompt appears, and there is NO WAY to enter a password manually, as the password field is not visible. The bitwarden prompt totally covers the field you are trying to fill.
Even if you open Bitwarden and copy the password, then, when you go back, can’t paste/enter manually from the keyboard, into the correct field.
Is VERY frustrating, and in some cases, makes it impossible to login/create a login, to an app.
Also, sometimes, even after selecting Bitwarden to enter login info, the fields are left blank, (ie doesn’t auto-fill) and again, cannot login to the app, no matter what.
Using a Pixel 3, and recently updated to Android12, but believe these issues were around previously.