Disappears from Chrome

Good Day, Every time I close the browser Bitwarden seems to uninstall. I have to reinstall every time I need a pw, it’s not my main browser but I need it for certain things. I’m not finding anything in setup or extensions to help.

I’ve never had this happen before, it’s weird!

Windows 10
Latest Chrome browser

Thanks, JL

@jlarthos Does it stay installed on other browsers? I don’t use chrome anymore, I switched to Cliqz as its much more secure and private.

I would recommend fully uninstalling Google Chrome, and reinstalling it, and then hitting the menu button, selecting About, and Verifying that it installed the newest version, before installing BitWarden again.

It stays in Firefox and Brave, which is my main browser. I will try the reinstall. Thanks!

Nope, same thing, if I close Chrome it just disappears. Weird