Digital identity storage

Would there be any way to store ID cards into Bitwarden? I’m mainly interested in digitally storing my vaccine card, but I could see storing things like a passport or driver’s license as well.

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Is this what you are looking for?

Premium users also get 1GB of encrypted storage, so you can securely store a scan of your passport, driving licence, etc.

To add to what the others typed, what form does this “card” take? A physical card, or something electronic?

If you have a paid plan then you can attach things associated with an entry to that entry. That could include a .jpeg of a photograph of a physical card, or some sort of electronic certificate.

Can you tell me how or point me in the right direction? I’ve just purchased the premium mainly to support an amazing app but would like to store my own scan of passport and driving licence in the vault

No problem. You can add a file attachment to any vault entry. For your passport and driving licence, you probably want to add them to your identity entry. If you haven’t already created an identity entry, do it now.

Depending on how you’re accessing your vault, there may be slightly different steps to follow. For example, in the browser extension, open your vault item, click Edit, then click on Attachments:


You will now be able to add files up to 500MB in size. Full details in the Help Center :+1:t2:

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