Different timeouts for each device

I can’t find a similar request, though it’s probably a matter of what to search for as it seems like something other people might ask for.

Per-device timeouts

The default 15-minute timer that automatically logs the user out from their vault is a useful security feature protecting devices that other people might use or for phones, tablets etc that may be lost or stolen.
However, my home computer really doesn’t need it. I wish I could set the timeout to zero on this device, but retain the 15 minute default or other timed lockout on mobile devices like my phone. As far as I can see if I set the timeout on one device, this syncs to all other devices accessing my account.
As an alternative it’d work if I could simply enable/disable the lockout timer per device.

Hope this is useful

It already is on a per-device basis. At least for me it is.
Just for testing I set different timeouts on 2 of my devices: I made the adjustments, ran a sync, closed the apps/browser, then started the apps and browser again and ran another sync . They still have different timeouts.

On the left you see the Windows desktop app, on the right the extension for Google Chrome.

And on my Android I also had a different timeout.

@BernardW welcome! @Peter_H is correct, you can already set different timeouts on each device :+1:

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