Different lock settings on different devices

I’ve have tried searching to see if this exists in the feature request section or here in the support part but can’t find it. And I’m suspecting that I should do an feature request for this but want to make sure first that I’m not missing something.

At the moment I am using bitwarden both on my home PC’s and my phone. But I am also using it on my work PC.
Is there any setting that allows me to set different lock settings on different devices?
For example I am happy with only having my vault locked on my home PC and have to use my Master password to enter it.
But on my work PC I would like to have it to logout when I am shutting down the computer so I’ll have to use 2FA to login every day.
At the moment all of the settings seems to be global so if I am setting an logout setting on my work PC, this would also apply to my home PC.

Welcome, @tysonsw!

Your settings such as vault timeout, are actually configured per device. You can set them to whatever you’d like in each client (mobile, desktop, browser, etc) :metal: