Determining storage used by attachments

How can I see what percentage of my 1 GB storage is currently used by all of my attachments?

I can’t seem to find this anywhere in any of the clients.



Hi @ianmacd, great question! In either case, you can see this in the web app. If you have a personal account, you’ll be able to find this under your Account Settings > Subscription or if you have the storage as part of an Organization, you can find this in Organizations > Billing > Subscription.

Thank you.

I knew the option was there somewhere, but just couldn’t find it.

I’m currently using just under 20% of my allocated storage space, so there’s no need to upgrade just yet.

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I can find my organization’s storage usage but not my own account’s storage usage.

Hi @tabasco, please see my post above for instructions on where to find each! :slightly_smiling_face:

I signed in to my personal account. I navigated to account settings → subscription. But I don’t see the amount of storage that I’m currently using. See screenshot.

@tabasco It seems you don’t have a premium account, so you don’t have any storage for files. (with premium you would have got 1 GB - and the normal password storage doesn’t count as “storage”)

As @Nail1684 said, it appears that your personal account is the basic Free plan, which does not include encrypted file attachments. With a Premium individual subscription, you would see a bar that would indicate the percentage of storage currently in use:

Here’s some more information about what is offered with the personal subscriptions: Password Manager Plans | Bitwarden Help Center

I’ve premium access because I’m a member of an organisation that has an active families plan. According to the link provided, members get 1 GB of storage + 1 GB for the organisation.

I can see the amount of storage currently used by my organisation but I can’t see the amount of storage used by my personal account.