Detect username for autofill

Pretty simple request. Some websites, like Google, require users to enter usernames, and then passwords, separately. This is a bit annoying since I have to autofill logins twice, assuming I don’t want to type in the email. Alternatively, some sites, again like Google, have the user displayed, but prompt again for the password (ex. accessing sensitive info or re-initializing an expired session). There should be a way to have the matching login either autofill, or be pushed to the top of the list as a suggestion.

This would be a HUGE help to myself, and I’m sure others as well. I manage quite a few accounts, and dozens of Google accounts as well. Searching for the right one isn’t always difficult, since the last used gets tossed to the top, so the most commons one are usually towards the top, but it would save me the struggle of dealing with it.