Details work in webvalt not in FF app

How come my details work in the web valt but not in Firefox app
re-installed app same problem

FF 116.03

Any help please

When you say your details work/not work what are you referring to? Is it login to Bitwarden, or is it using the saved details for a website?

Thanks for the reply Bitwarden seems to have sorted itself out so no problems now

I’ve been having this problem for the past day too.

I can login using Firefox via the vault website.
I cannot login using the same Firefox browser window but using the extension/plug-in. I get an incorrect username or password error.
I also cannot login using the Android App on my phone. Initially I was getting Error 7 code, but now after resetting router to get a new IP I now get the incorrect password error.

Any ideas? What did you do to fix yours?

(I’m in email correspondence with Bitwarden support too, so if I get an answer I’ll post it here after too)

In case anyone finds this thread like I did. This solved the problem for me: Brave browser extensions denies vault access despite correct credentials - #5 by grb