Details fill OK but cannot submit unless text entered using keyboard

I was wondering if anyone had any workarounds for this issue?

Site is Santander Online Banking

I’ve managed to get the ID and security number to autofill fine, however the submit button remains greyed out unless I click into the security number field and delete and re-enter a number (I’m guessing they’re using Javascript to detect actual typing within the field). Is there any way for Bitwarden to spoof this such that the logon button becomes active or is it just not possible? It’s not a major issue but just interested! (apologies if a duplicate, I did do a search but couldn’t find anything similar)

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I’ve noticed this behaviour on a few sites and usually do as you do - make a minor edit to enable the submit button.

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Lastpass has the same issue, FWIW.

Yep I remember it from them too, wasn’t sure if Bitwarden had found a cunning workaround or not :smiley: