Desync between server and client login information


I run bitwarden via docker on my raspberry pi, which has a severely corrupted filesystem and is unsalvageable as near as I can tell. Fortunately, I have a full backup of my entire system I can restore to. However, my backup is old and does not include a small number of logins I’ve added since making it. These logins would seem to be accessible via the mobile and browser clients I use even while the bitwarden server is down.

What will happen when the server comes back up? Will my clients update the server with the full list of logins or will the server refresh my clients, effectively “deleting” these additional logins?

Thanks for any assistance!

Now that’s a great question - I suspect you need a Dev to chime in to receive a definitive answer. One would hope that after restoring your data, BW would automatically sync the newer entries to the older vault data on your BW server.

You have probably done this already, but I would export your vault items from the mobile device with the most recent sync so that you can always restore the most recent copy of your vault to the server. You should be safe that way, regardless of what happens on the first sync after restoring BW.

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Hmmm - if this is vaultwarden (formerly bitwarden_rs) - I can’t say 100%, but if it is following our processes, the client will download the latest data from your server, which would delete those items from your phone - the server is the system of record.

@dh024 is spot-on with his recommendation to back up the data first, as nobody has even been upset to have a backup :sweat_smile:

Good call on the backup from phone - honestly forgot you can do that (still relatively new to bitwarden).

Yeah, it’s a vaultwarden instance. I’ve been intending to put together a proper backup server rather than just do it manually every few weeks but in all honesty that has been on the backburner for awhile haha.

Thanks a ton for the help!