Desktop Client doesn't actually save new generated passwords

This has burned me several times and it just happened to me again. I sign up to a new website. I generate a new PW and place it in the new PW prompt.

Bit warden correctly asks me if I want to Save the credential and site. I click yes. I confirm it is saved by seeing the “1” icon above the shield noting that Bitwarden is aware that 1 secret is available for this page.

I then walk away for 3-4 hours computer sleeps or restarts or whatever. I revisit said site, and that whole object is entirely gone from my vault. Bitwarden does not recognize any available secrets for that site. Its driving me nuts. I have no idea when secrets actually are saved. IDK what to do.

I use Firefox predominantly, Windows 10, fully updated etc.

OK Website name was just different. That probably explains the other occasions too. Everything is fine. :nervouslaugh

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