Desktop client context menus appearing on primary monitor only

As stated, the context menus (e.g., right-clicking anything, File, Edit, View menus, any drop-down menus) only show up on my primary monitor, regardless of what monitor the app is running in. This generally occurs after I disconnect/reconnected my port replicator (where my extra monitors are connected) and does not stop until I restart my system.

Has anyone else experienced this issue, or have a clue how to remedy it? I’ve performed basic troubleshooting, but nothing I’ve done help aside from a restart.

I have never seen this behaviour, and I use both Macs and PCs on multi-monitor desktops.

Perhaps you could provide more info about what operating system (with version) and Bitwarden desktop app version you are using? Or if you meant this happens with the Bitwarden browser extension, then mention the extension version and the specific browser software and version you are using. Maybe someone has encountered this before and can help you troubleshoot.

Not sure I understand what you’re describing. If the desktop client is running in one monitor, how can the desktop app menus be located on a different monitor?

If I open the desktop app (2022.12.0) in Windows 10 (20H2), not maximized, then I can right-click any vault item and see the context menu (View / Edit / Clone). This works whether I move the desktop app window to a primary or non-primary monitor. However, in each case, the vault items and their context menus (as well as the top navigation bar menus — File, Edit, View, Account, Window, Help — which can also be opened on any monitor) appear in the same monitor as the desktop app window — how could it be otherwise?